Jobs in Zambia 2022 Go Zambia Jobs (UPDATED)

Jobs in Zambia 2022 Latest Go Zambia Jobs: Our is one of the popular Zambia Job portals that provide various job opportunities for Zambian job seekers.

Go Zambia Jobs provides daily basis job updates for job seekers. You can check the details of the job advertisement by opening any of the following Jobs in Zambia. Each advertisement is also available on the official website of the hiring organization. Applicants must go through the details of the job notification before apply to it. In addition, all Zambians must check their eligibility requirements.


To work with the government or private origination, all candidates must have their latest resume with contacts and color photos. Go Zambia Jobs can help you to build a better resume for your better career. Zambia’s unemployment rate for 2019 was 11.43%, a 0.07% decline from 2018. Job seekers can easily check our home page for the latest Jobs in Zambia 2022.

Jobs in Zambia 2022

Go Zambia Jobs

Job Seekers can check city-wise jobs as their preferred location like Kabwe, Kafue, Kaoma, Kashikishi, Kawambwa, Lusaka, Mongu, Mumbwa, Solwezi etc. As a matter of fact, there are so many NGO Jobs also in Zambia. Go Zambia Jobs will help you to find a perfect job for you.

Jobs in Zambia 2021 Go Zambia Jobs (UPDATED)

About Zambia

The capital city is Lusaka, located in the south-central part of Zambia. The population is concentrated mainly around Lusaka in the south and the Copperbelt Province to the north, the core economic hubs of the country. The territory of what is now Zambia was known as Northern Rhodesia from 1911 to 1964, October. It was renamed Zambia at independence in 1964. The new name of Zambia was derived from the Zambezi River (Zambezi may mean “grand river”)

Presently, Zambia averages between $7.5 billion and $8 billion of exports annually. It totalled $9.1 billion worth of exports in 2018 About 60.5% of Zambians live below the recognised national poverty line, with rural poverty rates standing at about 77.9% and urban rates at about 27.5%. Unemployment and underemployment in urban areas are serious problems. Most rural Zambians are subsistence farmers.

Seven of these languages are officially recognized as regional languages: Bemba, Nyanja, Lozi, Tonga, Kaonde, Luvale, and Lunda.

Capital and largest city Lusaka 15°25′S 28°17′E
Official languages English
Religion Christianity (official)
Currency Zambian kwacha (ZMW)
Time zone UTC+2 (CAT)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Driving side left
Calling code +260
ISO 3166 code ZM
Internet TLD .zm

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